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One of the things I love most about coming into the Salon is working with a dynamic group of people. I have learned that an inspiring team of individuals will inspire you, and there is not a single day at Cheveux that I am not thankful for this eclectic mix. See it's our individuality that allows us to bring something valuable to the table and that is the heart work within team work. Turning the wheel over to one of our talented Designers, Alyssa has curated a selection of her favorite picks for this falls coming trends. Keeping the vibes esoteric and witchy, Alyssa is serving up the season of the accessory. Whether you decide to adorn an elegant head piece or opt for rocking some chakra balancing terminated Howlite, this fall is all about expressing yourself and reclaiming your style. Accessorizing is like storytelling, don't be afraid of a few plot twists.

As we transition into fall, earth tones step to the forefront. To prevent yourself from feeling weighed down a nice pop of color is a great way to add dimension when putting together your look. Switching up your hair color this fall can set a great foundation as you swap out your summer wardrobe. However, a word for the wise, stay away from the box color. Producing colors that range from bold and vivid to light and ethereal requires a customized formula specific to you and the condition of your hair; at Cheveux we use Pravana Professional Hair Color to achieve any color across the spectrum without compromising or damaging the integrity of your hair. A change in season is a great opportunity to reinvent yourself, for it is our individuality that cultivates our style and there is power in sharing that with the world around you. What's trending with you this fall? Until next time,



Alyssa | Designer

Follow Alyssa on instagram @alyssajolson and don't miss out on the all the fabulous looks she's

cooking up in the stylist chair this fall!


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