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Curl Power!

Education is a core value at Cheveux, both in the Salon as well as our everyday lives. We find that there are always opportunities to learn, grow, and develop, and as Salon Stylists we place great emphasis on continuing our education to ensure that we have the tools necessary to keep you feeling at your best. Part of our continued education program is on site and we had the pleasure of welcoming the fabulous and talented Mizani educator and curl master, Elaine (Instagram: @eluxuree), to give us some valuable knowledge on how we can continue keeping your hair at its healthiest.

Mizani (a Swahili word for Balance) is a professional product line designed to nourish and protect your hair. Established in 1991, Mizani has been at the forefront in developing products catered to the everyday needs of curly, coily, and wavy textured hair. We are proud to carry this line on our shelves, for never has there been a product line that addresses these needs with such specificity.

For our readers with curly hair you may have concluded that not every product is right for you and some can even do more damage than good. To understand the necessity of using products designed for you hair texture is to understand the science behind your individual hair texture. In the case of curly hair we have to take it one strand at a time, literally, and look towards the cuticle, which is the outermost layer of the hair shaft and gives your hair strength and protection. With hair that has curly, coily, or wavy texture each bend in the cuticle is essentially an opening in the hair strand, causing the strand to become weak and dry out more easily. This leaves your hair more susceptible to stress and damage. Ultimately our goal is to repair, protect and smooth the hair. The Smoothing and the strengthening of the hair follicle locks in moisture, protecting your hair from environmental factors such as exposure to heat and the sun, as well as airborne pollutants.

Now that we understand the science behind some of our hair woes, we can work towards identifying our oppurtunities for improvement. I would like to share with you the Texture Triangle, broken down into three categories this is a great resource to be used as a reference point in selecting the right products and treatment for your hair. True Textures - Curly, Coily, and Wavy hair #TeamNatural

Thermasmooth - Designed for clients who are transitioning out of a relaxer and want to maintain manageability of their texture but prolong the amount of time in between their relaxer service. Great for clients who like to smooth their curly, coily, and wavy texture from time to time.

Relaxer- Designed for clients who need long lasting, low maintenance / easy to manage styles.

At the center of the texture triangle we find what we call our anchor product. The anchor product is the first step of action in addressing the fundamental obstacles inherent in curly hair. Mizani's 25 Miracle Milk is a primer for healthy hair within all 3 categories. It is for all hair types and is the ONLY product currently on the market that has 25 legal claims, which means it was tested with proven performance to legitimize the claims.

25 Miracle Milk is a lightweight leave-in treatment that provides 25 benefits in just a few sprays. This easy-to-use product preps hair for styling, helps detangle with less breakage, provides moisture, protects against heat damage and is free of paraben, sulfate, drying alcohols and mineral oil. Infused with Xylose, sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Fennel Seed Extract, 25 Miracle Milk provides protection to hair strands while also adding moisture and shine, this unique leave-in treatment provides 25 beneficial factors with just one use. Xylose allows sustainably sourced sugar to protect the hair from heat and strengthens the hair strand by serving as a heat and color protectant. Fennel Seed Extract fortifies the hair, while Coconut Oil acts as a natural conditioner to moisturize and soften hair while also providing shine and smoothness

I know that this can seem like a lot of information to take in all at once. However, this is a first step in understanding how you can keep your hair healthy and strong. I love my curls and the versatility it affords me when choosing how I want to express myself. I want for each and every one of you to embrace yourself and celebrate who you are with the world around you. I too remember what it is like to feel overwhelmed by my hair and not having a full understanding of how to manage it. I have been blessed with many years in this industry, learning and developing my craft, and I want to share that with you. I believe that knowledge is power and I want you to walk out that door feeling empowered and confident! Always remember #TeamHealthyHair is not just a hashtag, it's a lifestyle. Lets take it one strand at a time. Until next time, Ashley

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