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That's a Wrap!

Seasons greetings and a Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Cheveux! The hiatus is over, and I'm so so excited to be back behind the keyboard! This year was filled with the kind of change that required a step back and some dedicated focus on life outside of the virtual world. I have to say that change comes in many different forms and we've embraced a lot of change here at Cheveux. There's some greatness we have in store for you, so stop by our new location if you haven't yet and stay tuned as we go into the new year!

If you heard the sound of a record scratching to a halt at the simple mention of the new year, you're not alone. Time has literally and figuratively flown by and the unseasonable weather has left me in a bit of a time warp. I have to snap out of the fog and push forward ladies, because we all know there's work to be done and it's surely going to be a journey! The new year is symbolic of growth and change, so there is no better time than the present to start establishing those good old fashioned healthy goals, routines, and affirmations. Let us start by doing a check-in on our nightly hair care regimen.(I hope you have taken the opportunity to watch the video above, but if you haven't I suggest you do so now.) Hair wrapping is a pretty dynamic topic that can be unpacked in a myriad of ways. The lens we will peer through today will focus on nightly wrapping and how it can significantly improve the health and integrity of your hair. Fundamentally, wrapping your hair nightly before bed ensures that your hair remains smooth while you sleep. This is important as it prevents the inevitable tangles and snarles we know so well. Most importantly, it keeps the hair cuticle from getting roughed up throughout the sleep cycle. Why is it important to keep the hair cuticle smooth? Well, the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair shaft that lays smooth and flat when your hair is at its healthiest. An opening within the hair's cuticle creates an opportunity for stress, damage, and an overall loss in integrity. In instances of wavy, curly, coily, or kinky textures, one may find that their hair strand changes direction throughout, leaving the cuticle slightly open at every bend and turn. Thus making the hair more prone to stress and damage. Wrapping your hair nightly will protect the cuticle, promoting a smooth strand integrity in a moisture rich environment, which is paramount in achieving healthy hair

Our relationship with our hair is truly a journey that will take time. Throughout this journey we can broaden our horizons and I invite you to ask questions, gain knowledge, and see progress. I remain steadfast in our mission to keep your hair healthy, one strand at a time and feel this bit of knowledge can truly go a long way. I wrap every night and have found hair wrapping to be an easy and manageable way to keep your hair healthy throughout the winter months. The fluctuating temperature, humidity, and environmental pollutants make Wisconsin a tricky landscape to navigate. I look forward to sharing more tips, tricks, and knowledge with you as we walk this journey together. Like most things, healthy hair takes hard work, dedication, and commitment. Thankfully we're on #TeamHealthyHair Until next time

That's a wrap! Ashley #IdoCheveux

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