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New Year, New You!

We are finally here everybody, Welcome to 2017! A new year is upon us and we have completed another revolution around the Sun. Moments such as this are often bittersweet and when I think about this New Year, I find myself in meditation on the one that has come to past. I dismiss regret in reflection but remain humbled by the lessons I have learned and the wisdom gained. I celebrate growth and the intricacies inherent in change and I move forward into the year, metamorphosed like the monarch fluttering its new wings.

It was only two weeks ago that I found myself in the middle of the busiest time of year for this industry. The salon environment during the holiday season is one of high stress and time sensitivity, but I was delighted when presented with the opportunity to go from behind the chair to behind the runway for a good cause. Cheveux has worked with many Designers over the years on events throughout the Milwaukee area. This year we had the opportunity to work on an event that was not only high fashion but noble in its intent. I have found that taking the time to help others can really be a great opportunity to see the direct change and positive impact that we have. I had the opportunity to reconnect and collaborate with a true Milwaukee talent and I found holiday cheer in my excitement for this extraordinary event.

The Miracle on the Runway is a charity event produced by Milwaukee designer Chelsea Stotts (Moda Muñeca) and Crystal Stotts. Hosted at the historic Astor hotel, Miracle on the Runway is a fun and festive event that generates proceeds for families in need within the greater Milwaukee area. Teaming up with the Sojourner Family Peace Center, the largest nonprofit provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin, designers and models alike came together to create a show that was truly awe inspiring in its sheer magnitude. The energy was magical in part by hosts Miss Wisconsin USA 2017, Skylar Witte & Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2017, Abby Bryson. Like true Wisconsinites, Alina and I arrived at the Astor that morning, enduring haphazardly plowed roads and below zero temperatures from the prior nights storm. I must say it was definitely worth the adventure as we arrived with tired eyes to a room of smiling faces. As I was awakened by the smell of coffee permeating the air, I didn't see a room full of strangers, I saw a community of talented and gifted individuals coming together to create something remarkable. Each person in that space had a gift and as the day of preparation progressed they exuded strength and confidence in sharing them. I won't pretend that entering a room full of people I do not know is comfortable, but I sometimes find that the moments when we step outside of our comfort zone are often the most rewarding. It was an intensive day of styling, soundtracked with lively tunes and together we created a space where we talked, listened, laughed, and danced. Looking back on that day I can say with great conviction that team work really is the dream work.

When I look to the year ahead of us I carry with me these moments. I carry with me all the times that you sat in my chair and I have laughed with you and listened, sharing in our gifts. The Miracle on the Runway renewed my confidence in the power that each of us have in this world. I want to say Thank You to Chelsea Stotts and Crystal Stotts for creating such a remarkable and rewarding experience for all who participated. I want to say thank you to all the Designers, Models, MUAs, Stylists, Photographers and Organizers that came together and not only showed up, but showed out. I believe that shared moments like these are truly when change happens and growth occurs.



Courtesy Hawk Photos |


I am looking forward to the days that lay ahead, and I recognize that change is a process that can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but in that process we can learn so much about ourselves and bare witness to our greatest strengths. I believe that each and every one of us has a gift, unique and specific to the individual. I hope that together in 2017 we can continue celebrating and sharing them with one another. I hope that together we can lead by example, joining as a community for a greater good. I truly believe it is what we make of this shared experience that holds the utmost value, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year!

Happy New Year!




Developed in 2009 at the age of 16, Chelsea Stotts created Moda Muñeca (Spanish for Fashion Doll) to represent how every woman should look and feel; fashionable, regardless of ethnicity or shape, because "Every woman deserves to be a Fashion Doll". Moda Muñeca focuses on chic, feminine silhouettes and each piece is handmade to the highest standards. At 6 years in Stotts, a self taught Designer, currently holds the first ever title of RAW Milwaukee: Fashion Designer of the Year (2013). Having recently completed an internship with the Harley Davidson Fashion Department and designing full time, Stotts also mentors youth and spreads awareness about Lupus, an autoimmune disorder impacting 1.5 million Americans. Chelsea hopes to continue down this successful road with Moda Muñeca, because like Stotts, the MM woman is intelligent, aware & doesn't let obstacles stop her. Instagram: @modamuneca Store:


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